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1.   I will observe all Federal and State regulations governing the use and operation of aircraft, including currency and proficiency requirements set forth in FAR 61.57 and 60 day currency with Air Marion Inc..

2.   I will return the aircraft at the agreed time, weather permitting. In the event I am unable to return the aircraft as mentioned above, I understand that Air Marion Inc. may charge me for the cost of pick-up.

3.   I will carry on my person all the required certificates (including pilots certificate and medical certificate).

4.   In the event mechanical difficulty is encountered while away from Marion, In., I will contact Air Marion Inc. (765)674-7777 for instructions and/or repair authorization.

5.   In the event of an incident involving personal injury or aircraft damage, I will notify Air Marion Inc. immediately, giving a full account, including injuries and extent of damage. I will provide a written statement or narrative describing the incident if requested by Air Marion Inc..

6.   I will not allow anyone else to pilot the aircraft while in my care, except when authorized by Air Marion Inc.

7.   I will secure the aircraft while not in use, using either a tie- down or hangar.

8.   Except in an emergency, I will operate the aircraft only at FAA approved airports with a hard surface runway of at least 2,000 feet in length without prior approval. Night operations will only be conducted from a lighted runway.

9.   I understand that I am responsible for all fees, except fuel and oil while the aircraft is in my care (e.g. landing fees, parking fees, etc.) Reimbursement for fuel and oil will only be made to me for flights of at least 2.0 hours duration. Reimbursement must be requested at the termination of the flight and accompanied by a receipt. Reimbursement will be made in the form of a credit to the rental price.

10.   I understand that in the event of negligence or error, I am liable for damages up to the amount of deductibles contained in the insurance policy ($1000) not in motion and ($1,000) in motion.

11.   I understand that I may not provide pilot services to a third party or passengers for compensation or hire while piloting a Air Marion Inc. aircraft.

12.   I understand that this agreement is effective until one (1) year from the date of signature below, and is subject to periodic review and changes in aircraft checkout policy.

13.   I agree to pay for all services and rental charges at the completion of each flight unless other arrangements are made in advance. A service charge of $25.00 will be charged for any check/draft returned by my bank as unpaid for any reason. 

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