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Scheduling & Aircraft Management System Features


Pilots can search and request access to any public flight school or flying club in the system easily. Administrators may invite new users to schedule aircraft in their accounts via e-mail or from a dedicated account registration page.


A single user account can have multiple user roles and access multiple flight schools & flying clubs. Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) flying for more than one club can now synchronize their schedules and availability. Flight training becomes easy to schedule and manage.


Multiple airport location support from a single organizational account. Easily move airplanes or helicopters around between different airports & airfields, according to your aviation business needs.


FAA pilot licenses & airman certificates (ASEL, MEL, Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rating, etc.)  and endorsements may be managed and uploaded onto the system, facilitating dispatch review and compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration's regulations.


Add multiple types of resources to your calendar in addition to Aircraft for complete flight scheduling management. No limits! Schedule Flight Simulators, Ground School facilities, Line Staff, Desk Staff, Examiners, Aircraft Headsets, GPS and other devices all in one easy to follow calendar.


Aircraft maintenance status and reminders are tracked via regular updates to Hobbs/Tachometer times and set intervals prior to due dates ensuring constant fleet airworthiness.


An iOS App and Android/Google Play App are now available. is a mobile-optimized site - book a flight from wherever you are.

aircraft flight scheduling reports

Multi-dimensional aircraft utilization reports.  Customize, filter and organize virtually all the dispatch information captured by the site for reporting to aircraft owners, or for export to billing systems. 

flight school scheduling

New features on the scheduling platform are released regularly and on request.

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