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2.2.1 Organization Information

Once you select “Create Organization” – you will be prompted to enter information with respect to your Flight School, Club, or other Aviation Business. The next screen will request additional information, including e-mail – this is the main contact e-mail address that you would want users to contact. In addition, address and location information is requested. Please fill out all the requested information.Note – only those items with a red asterisk are required. The other fields are optional, but highly recommended.

Below the organizational contact information is a section titled “Agreement” – this section is for any rules and regulations you would like to display and have the user agree to prior to the user joining your organization. You may leave this field blank.

Note that you may add your Logo by clicking the box in the upper right corner titled “Select Organization Logo.” A pop-up box will appear prompting you to upload your logo file.

Once all information has been filled out and complete, please click on the “Save Information” button located on the bottom of the page.

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