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Description of Holdshort.com's Aircraft Flight School & Club Scheduling System

Welcome to Holdshort.com! Our next generation online scheduling system provides a complete aircraft and pilot scheduling management solution to aviation clubs, flight schools, FBOs, corporate flight departments, air carriers and charter operators.

Holdshort.com’s scheduling system provides a complete online aircraft reservation solution which provides the administrator complete control over user access and reservation authority. Organizations may now also seamlessly manage multiple locations from a single account. Furthermore, the system maintains complete pilot records for verification and compliance purposes prior to aircraft dispatch.

The aviation community is, essentially, a close knit community. Our system eliminates the need for multiple user log-in accounts and passwords. Rather, users may create new organizations and join existing ones from a single account. They can enjoy any multiple levels of access from a single account. Pilots that seek to rent aircraft away from their home airports will have their entire records available on the system, which can be shared with participating FBOs and clubs that the Pilot chooses to join. This will allow aviation businesses to attract new customers, allow for a quick “checkout” of the pilot’s credentials, and increase their aircraft’s utilization.

Holdshort.com was initially established in 2003, providing innovative aircraft scheduling and management solutions to the Aviation industry. The innovative features we launched during that time were quickly adopted by competitive systems. After several years of progressive updates to the classic system, Holdshort.com seeks to shake-up the Aviation industry through a next-generation, centralized open platform that allows seamless user addition, pilot credential management, complete resource and location management. Aviation businesses which adopt this platform for their operations will find themselves on the forefront of innovation.

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