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2.2.3 Organization Calendar Settings

Once your standard organization settings are complete, please proceed to the Organization Calendar Settings. These include all the main rules you would want to enforce on the schedule, including:

  • Maximum Event Length: Note the maximum duration allowed that a user may add to the schedule. Leave on “0 hours, 0 minutes” for no restriction.
  • Default Event Length: This setting saves time when a user chooses a starting time. The system will instantly calculate the reservation’s end time by adding however many hours/minutes is set here. Note that the end time may be adjusted regardless.
  • Maximum Number of Future Events: If you would like to enforce a rule where a user may not add more than x number of future events, you may specify it here. Otherwise, leave at 0 for unlimited.
  • Checkbox Enforcements – select the checkbox as applicable:
    • Enforce Pilot and Instructor Certificate Ratings – If you choose to require your pilots to upload their Pilot and Instructor certificates to the system, you may choose to enforce Pilot and Instructor certificate ratings to prevent, for example, an ASEL pilot from flying an AMEL, etc. Ratings required are chosen when you set up a new aircraft. Note that uncertificated Pilots may always add a properly certificated instructor.
    • Enforce Endorsements – If an aircraft is high performance, complex, or tailwheel, you may choose to enforce required endorsements.
    • Enforce Organization Flight Review – If you have specific club flight review requirements that you wish to enforce and keep track of, you may select this option to enforce it. Users are notified when their Flight Reviews are coming due.
    • Enforce FAA Flight Review – This refers to the FAA biannual flight review required of all pilots. You may choose to enforce this requirement.
    • Enforce Medical Certificates – Medical certificates may be enforced as well. Note that, for pilots who add a First Class Medical certificate, the system will calculate, based on the Pilot’s age, the expiration date when it defaults down to a Second Class and a Third Class certificate. Pilots will not be barred when their First Class medical expires, however, when the certificate defaults to a Third Class medical – the pilot will be barred upon expiration of the third class. Further notation – Certain aircraft may not require a medical certificate (LSAs) – which you can denote under the Aircraft’s settings. You may also require higher than Third Class medicals on certain other aircraft (i.e., aircraft that are heavier than 12,500 lbs).
    • Enforce TSA Recurrent Training –This enforces the TSA training required for instructors.
    • Automatically Ground Aircraft for Overdue Inspections – This will disable all reservations once such inspections become overdue.
    • Comments are Mandatory in Events – You may choose to require a comment on a reservation. 
    • Allow event sharing – Allow event sharing with all users with the Pilot Role via email when creating an event.
  • Custom Event Fields – Here, you may add custom event fields when you require additional information to be input with respect to reservations. These additional fields can be numeric, text based, or a date. If you do not require this, leave blank.

Click “Save Settings” once you are done choosing your settings.       

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