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3.2 Joining by Sending a Request (for Registered)

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1.Log into your account. (Note: If you have not signed up for a user account, please see the section Creating a User Account.)2.On the top ribbon, click on Search.                3.Ente

1.Log into your account.

2.On the top ribbon, click on Search.

3.Enter the name of the flying organization you wish to join or search by other parameters available on the Search page and click Search. You can also search by aircraft make/model.

If you do not find the organization you are looking for, please check the organization’s name and search again.

4.Scroll down to see the search results. If you find the organization you are looking for, click on the blue Join button.

5.You can also search for organizations by locations and services provided clicking on the Advanced Search button.

6. If the organizations still doesn’t appear, then the organization you are looking for may be private. Please contact that organization directly to request access. In this case, you can join the organization only by invitation as described in the section Joining by Invitation.

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