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3. General System Navigation

Note that at any time, you can see your relative position in the system by looking at the address bar:

  • My Dashboard – Clicking here will put you at the main dashboard area which allows you to access different Organizations/Clubs/Accounts.
  • Club Name – Clicking on your club name will reveal the Navigation options specific to your organization.
  • The last item displayed in the sequential list denotes your present location.

Quick links allow you to jump to a specific location:

  • Clicking My Dashboard will display the organizations you are a member of for access.
  • Clicking on Calendars will reveal a drop down menu that will allow you to quickly access the Month, Week, Day, and Pilot Calendar views for each organization you are a member of.
  • Clicking on Add Event will allow you to add a reservation for any organization you are a member of.
  • Clicking on Search will allow any user to locate their organization and request access to their schedule.
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