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6.2 User Roles

You can add User Roles upon approving an access request, or at any time by navigating to the Users page and pressing the “+” symbol adjacent to the appropriate user:

System Roles

  • Pilot: A user who is noted as a Pilot may schedule Aircraft. If enforcements are enabled, then only those Aircraft in which he is properly rated.
  • Student: A student may schedule Aircraft with an Instructor only.
  • Manager: A super-user that may add reservations for others, approve Users to the organization, manage settings, flight reviews, and resources.
  • Owner: This is the account which has all the same permissions as a Manager. The Organization’s payment console is controlled via the Owner.
  • Instructor: Add this designation to all Users who you wish to appear as an Instructor on your schedule. Instructors have add/edit permissions to reservations.

NOTE: A user may have multiple roles – please add as many as apply!

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