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8. Maintenance Management Module

Aircraft Inspections may be programmed for each aircraft according to those which the Administrator wishes to track. Inspections that are date-based are automatically updated and tracked, with notifications sent pursuant to the Organizational settings. Inspections which are hobbs/tach time driven are dependent on accurate reporting and updating of the Aircraft’s meters. The chief way of updating this information in through the aircraft dispatch.

Accurately reflecting the Check-Out and Check-In of aircraft, and capturing the appropriate hobbs and meters times will drive the reminders and airworthiness status. If an organization prefers to not use the Dispatch Check-Out/Check-In function, then the Hobbs/Tach meters will have to be modified periodically by editing the Aircraft’s meters in the Hangar. The precision of the system reminders, aside from those that are date driven, is reduced without active reporting of the hobbs/tach meters.

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