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5.4 Settings

To, access, your, Personal, Settings, section, click, on, Settings, drop, down, menu, adjust
To access your Personal Settings section, click on Settings in the user’s drop down menu.                               Here you can adjust the following settings: Change
To access your Personal Settings section, click on Settings in the user’s drop down menu
The Settings section contains the following menus:
1. Date and Time settings.
Here you can adjust date and time formats. The options to Turn off notifications about certificates/documents expirationand to Disable notifications when managers change your Personal Informationcan also be found in this menu. 
2. Change Password.
Here you can change your password (no email confirmation required). 
3. Calendar Settings.
Here you can:
  • Set your time zone (note, your own and your organization location’s timezone may differ).
  • Set the default event length, which would determine the end time once you select the start time. 0 value sets the number of hours to organization’s default.
  • Select the number of days to be displayed in the Day View
  • 4. Trust Organizations.
    This menu allows you to decide which organizations will have the permission to edit your personal date (i.e. personal information, certificates, documents, FAA flight reviews, and endorsements).
    5. Instructor's Schedule.
    Here you can define your instructor availability for each organization separately. Please pay attention to the information at the menu’s right hand side (Under the Note sign), when specifying your working hours. 
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