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Flight Operations Agreement

Pilot Responsibilities:

1. Each pilot in command operating Farmingdale Flying Club’s (FFC) aircraft must become and stay familiar with the applicable parts of the Federal Air Regulations (FAR) that apply to your flight. These include, but are not limited to parts 61, 91, 77, 135, and 141.

2. On each flight (other than an instructional flight with a FFC approved instructor

aboard) as pilot in command you assume all responsibility for the aircraft.

Unrecorded discrepancies or damage found on the preflight inspection must be

reported to FFC prior to flight, so that an evaluation of the severity of the

Discrepancy can be determined. See Maintenance below.

3. The pilot in command must occupy the left seat of all aircraft unless otherwise

authorized by FFC. Additionally, only FFC authorized instructors are permitted to

instruct in FFC aircraft.

4. Each person in the aircraft must occupy their own seat. Children under two years of age must be in a child seat.

5. Simulated engine failures must only be practiced with an approved FFC instructor aboard the aircraft. Spins are prohibited in FFC aircraft unless the aircraft is certified for spins and spin training has been approved by the FFC in that aircraft.

6. Flights into high altitude and/or short runway or Grass Field Airports can be dangerous, therefore prior to operating into any runway that is shorter than 3000 ft or any airport higher than 2500 feet density Altitude, Must have prior approval by the FFC is required.

7. It is your responsibility to ensure that the aircraft is properly chocked, locked, covered, and tied down after each flight. In the event of a forced or precautionary landing, on or off airport, secure the aircraft and promptly contact FFC for instructions.

8. Record the Hobbs & Tach time to the nearest 1/10th on the aircraft log sheet after each flight. I have reviewed the above rental agreement on page One and I understand and will comply with each statement page.


Make and Model specific, Like type but lower performance rated are considered the same, requires a separate checkout. Ex, PA28-181 & PA28-151, Cessna 172 vs Cessna 182, must be aware of Differences Less useful load factors / Capacity / Limitations review POH W & B etc.

1. Sometimes a separate checkout can be waived at the discretion of the FFC if overall experience and recent flight experience merit it.

2. At the discretion of each FFC instructor, and after the initial checkout you may be authorized to fly lower performance airplanes of the same make upon the completion of the handbook exam for each airplane. Additional checkouts may be required for high performance or complex airplanes.

3. A current copy of pilot certificate, medical, pilot logbook, and any other supporting documentation must be kept on file prior to any rental or checkout.

4. Other checkouts may be required at the discretion of FFC. These may include instrument, complex/high performance, night, etc.


You are responsible for maintaining FAA currency per the FAR 61.56 and 61.57.


Reservations for all rental and instructional flights are made through the Scheduling system at: Daily minimums will be determined on a case by case basis. Entire day rentals are acceptable BUT must be authorized by a FFC Operator in charge. Making any reservations, you own it. If the plane flys or not you are responsible for that time slot. If you plan to Cancel the reservation you must do so above a 12 hour minimum time frame allowing other Club members time to see if any of the aircraft are available. Failure to do so will result in a minimum 1.5 billing in the aircraft you have blocked out and made unavailable to the rest of the club. Any larger than 3 hour booking will result in a 50% charge for the entire block you and reserved on any of the aircraft. 

Reservation Exceptions

Valid Weather minimums, extreme weather, or Medical reasons can wash any penalties for booking matters, but any medical claims can be FAA Medical affected. So carefully think about any medical claims. Waivers are a case by case matter above and beyond Wx & Medical, so its important to contact me sooner rather than later and release the aircraft sooner rather than later.

Transient Customer

Once all documents, Passports, Drivers License, Pilots License, etc all get reviewed & accepted, It would be your decision to opt for Member or non member option. Transient customers must fund they’re account fully, no fly and pay later for Transient Customers


Rates are base on Fuel costs, any prepayment is good for 30 days, after 30 days if there is any spike or shift in fuel Price the rates will be either adjusted or a Fuel Surcharge will be imposed.


we can leave the account in a Standby Beginning May 1 2017 New Members are to start with a Bank of $1000, when a balance drops to $499.00 We will automatically process another $500 manual swipe to bring your account up to $1000. All Payment’s will be deducted from member’s ledger upon completion of each flight. Splitting Flights must be made prior to flight for correct accounting. Otherwise whose ever name is on the Reservation will be Billed. A credit card authorization shall be kept on file for anyone renting aircraft & maintaining an account. No Active Members account can be within a Zero to $498.00 balance, Low Balance members will not be able to reserve any aircraft for 30 days or till the account is brought into club required balances, if by then a members bank has not complied with Club Policy then the member will be removed from the Club & FRG Access Badge Deactivated. Exceptions are available, You must contact FFC and explain the situation so mode until situations become resolved

(loss of Medical, Loss of Income, etc must call and agreements must be established) Each Member will be able to view they’re current ledger balance on after they sign in. New Club Bank Exceptions: Existing Members will be Grandfathered provided, There has not been any of the following disqualifying criteria:

1: Bounced Check History

2: Declined Credit Card History

3: Payments in Cash with Counterfeit Currency.

4: Not Updating FFC for Cancelled/Expired or Lapsed Credit Card on File.

Existing Grandfathered Members will be charged $300 for 172, $400 for Twin once a booking is posted on the schedule, At 2 days before the actual reservation. So if the card is Declined, alternative payment can be made BEFORE THE FLIGHT. You as a member are responsible for all charges incurred on your flight & destination Locations. Some airports have very unconventional Fee’s & charges, Best to call & check each stop first before you go. Again you are solely responsible for all the charges on your flight. Additional charges sent to Tasco Aviation Inc. weeks or months after a flight will be Deducted from the account holder who generated it. Examples are: Landing, City, State, Town, Departure, Overnight, Storage, Security fees. All rentals are based on wet rates, Rates are separated by VIP and Non VIP structures. VIP & Non VIP have different Rights and rules as well as Price of aircraft chosen to rent. Check Membership area for Description of. Fuel purchases en route or top off at other airports will be refunded or credited with proper documentation only up to what FFC’s Current Local Fuel Rates Are.


Membership policy is annual, as of 01/01/17 it is $20 per month, or $220 for a year One time annual payment. There is a Three month minimum required to ensure VIP membership benefits within those purchased months. A VIP member can Bump a Non VIP from a scheduled Booking, (Not a Checkride). Non VIP pay $15 more for Single Engine Aircraft Rentals, and $30 more for Twin Engine Aircraft.

VIP Members ONLY are allowed to take Aircraft Long Distance Cross Countries for Ex. Sun & Fun, Oshkosh etc. Long Trips away from base are billed DRY Rates. Before you leave you must meet with FFC and figure your Dry Rate prior to leaving Home Base. Otherwise it will be billed Wet rate the entire Cross Country.

Maintenance Discrepancies

Record any aircraft discrepancies in the book on the comments/squawks side of the Hobbs time sheet. Provide as much detail as needed for maintenance & contact Call/Text/Email FFC to evaluate All Maintenance at 718-757-5098.

Remember that as Pilot in command, you are responsible for the airworthiness of the airplane, and if in doubt, please call and ask.

Reading & Understanding this document.

Please read each page thoroughly. Make sure you understand each page before signing. If you have any questions please call me for an explanation so I can help you understand any of the rules & rights as a Member/Customer.

Info Item:

As of Jan, 01, 2017 going forward We are doing a voluntary Membership program. In order to absorb the support year long especially come winter. Beginning Jan 01 2017 Farmingdale Flying Club will begin a 2 tier system. It will be $20 per month, or if you pay for the year by Jan 01 2017 you will get a month free.

As a member you will maintain current rental rates as long as I can maintain as per fuel costs. All non members will be paying $15 more per hour for Single Engine, and $30 more for the Multi. Any Spike in fuel costs will initially be absorbed by Non Member rentals. If the cost continues eventually will be incorporated into the VIP Rental Rate. Sorry but things like that are completely out of my control.

Just for simple reasoning is Winter ops add Fuel for preheating, Generator Purchase, Gen Maintenance, Pre heat hourly pay for someone to come pre heat for you, Detailing the Aircraft at least twice a year, etc. There are a lot of things that come for VIP, VIP have primary access yup till 2 days before a flight. If you need the aircraft it goes to a VIP. Yes a VIP can bump a Non VIP. The only thing that stomps any booking is a Checkride, but if a VIP needs any of the planes, a VIP can override any booking except Checkrides.

At $20 a month is 4 Starbucks coffees a month. The rental rate advantage should sell it alone. So sign that you are aware of the club policy changes & with your choice of club status. Yes to join then billing option monthly or yearly, or No for not paying any monthly / yearly dues knowing your change in hourly increase of rental rates for non members. Membership must be established prior to maintain current rental rates. If you wave the Membership, adding it later there is a 15 day waiting period before the membership begins. As well as a 3 month (90 Day ) minimum. Failure to maintain a membership will revert all prior rental’s back to Non VIP rates for that time period.

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