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8.1 Adding & Editing Aircraft Inspections

To start, click on your club name and navigate down to “Hangar”


Then open the Aircraft Information page by click anywhere on the Aircraft bar listed.

Information with respect to the Aircraft will then appear:


To view the history of reservations that have been checked out & in, click on the “View History” link next to Aircraft Meters.

To set up the tracked Aircraft Inspections, click on “Manage Inspections” on the upper-right hand side of the screen. A list of the tracked Aircraft Inspections will appear. In this case (shown below) no Aircraft Inspections have been set up.


Click on the green button labelled “Add Inspection” to begin adding an Aircraft Inspection.

Select from the Drop-Down box the appropriate inspection. Information with respect to the inspection due date will then appear – which in this case, is the Annual Inspection:

NOTE: Please enter the inspection details AS REQUESTED. Do not attempt to outsmart the system! Annual Inspections due dates will be calculated per FARs. In this case, since the inspection date is in November-2015, the due date will be by November 30, 2016. Also, inspection meter values that do not drive the date or times due are requested on the page for tracking purposes. Please enter them as well.

Click on “Add Inspection” when all information is complete.

The Inspection will now appear. At any time, inspections may be updated or deleted, as applicable:


Note that the Aircraft is denoted now as “Airworthy.” An Airworthiness status appears and is driven by all listed inspections. To the extent that an inspection becomes due or past due, then the Airworthiness status will change to Unairworthy. Inspections will need to be updated to render the Aircraft Airworthy.

Custom Inspections may be added in the event that you have a unique aircraft with recurring ADs or other issues. Click on the “Add Inspection” to start, then select from the drop-down box a “Custom” inspection type –


Inspections can be driven by a variety of metrics, including Calendar months, Meter values, or by a certain time or meter value, as applicable. Enter the name for the Custom inspection under “Inspection Name” and provide the required values. Click on “Add Inspection” once complete to begin tracking the item.

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