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5.2.1 Pilot Certificate

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To add a pilot certificate.1.Go to the Certificates section.                      2.Select Pilot Certificate from the Certificate Type drop-down list.           &nbs

To add a pilot certificate.

1. Go to the Certificates section.


2. Select Pilot Certificate from the Certificate Type drop-down list.


3. Select Grade from the drop down list.


4. Enter the Certificates Number.


5. Enter the Date of Issue.


6. Select Category/Class from the drop-down list. As soon as you click on the item, it will be added to the list of the Categories/Classes to the right of the Category/Class box.


7. Enter Type Ratings by entering in the box as it appears on your certificate and click on the “plus” button.


8. Check the appropriate Instrument Rating checkbox(es).


9. If you have multiple privileges for different categories/classes of aircraft, you can add them by clicking the Add Privilege button.


10. Select an item from the pop-up menu and click on the add button.


11. Fill out all the necessary information (i.e. category/class, type, instrument rating) following the steps above.


12. To remove a Privilege, click on the “trash bin” button.


13. Enter Limitations.


14. Click on the Save Certificate button.


15. Once you save the certificate, you will be able to upload supporting images and files. Click on the appropriate button.

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